Weekly Recap

Well I worked for one day (really a half day) and that was very nice.  There was some nice creative thinking there too.

On Tuesday it was my birthday, but in general it was not a great day since I didn’t get two jobs that day.  Drinks with folks after work were very nice.  Saw the new offices for the team and they look very squishy.  Glad I don’t have to go.  (Sorta).

Wednesday to Friday I got into a nice groove.  Made progress studying for the next MS exam.  I’ll be done the book on Monday or Tuesday and starting practice exams hopefully on Tuesday.  Started reading about enterprise architecture and finished a module (1 of 8 in ITABOK).  So that is going too.

Got more involved in the Comixtreme site.  The top show runner there have posted more that 22,000 replies on the forums!  I hope to never be quite that engaged.  I need to find the right balance there.  I did three reviews this week and posted a fourth plus learned how to use the site.  Until I get faster at reviewing that might be a bit too much. I think I’ll aim for two reviews a week.  And we can see if I do any DOIs.

Got some nifty gifts.  So I’m playing a lot of Mario Galaxy in the evening and this weekend.  Read two books.  And got to talk to Tim following his return.  Those were all highlights.

No good job leads this week.  I’m worried they might thin during the summer months.

Polls for later tonight…


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