Comic Recap

Three this week.   They are late going up because after I write real reviews (and by real I mean sloppy, cliched reviews) for comixtreme, I have less enthusiasm to write about the same books for my own blog.

Fables – Dave mentioned that the plot seems to be meandering.  Odd as the first few arcs didn’t have a central plot – not until march of the wooden soldiers did the adversary become the centre of the book.  But the resolution of that uber arc was so nifty that going back to the original mold of simply having story arcs is frustrating I think. Also, the Dark Man is more present in this second long arc than the adversary was so ignoring him seems unwise.  OK – that said, I quite enjoyed this book.  Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.  It did tweak one of my pet peeves though, so it wasn’t perfect.

New Mutants – Zeb Wells has been doing a really good job with this book and the cross-over has been quite good (minus the high death toll), but this issue is weak.  It is interstitial – plot setup happens in it (2nd master mold, Rogue and Hope together, Magneto into action), but not plot.  The New Mutants are barely in it.  And it has three artists with wildly different art styles.  Two of them are quite nice, but the other is yucky.  Regardless, the three styles class and don’t match the overall tone of the cross-over.

Atlas – This was a very nice book.  I love it as I read it, but then I tend to quickly forget details.


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