Post 102 – Yay

Well I missed post 100.  Nuts.  This seems to be my first milestone.  A quick recap and stats.

There have been 3181 visits to the blog to date. (which doesn’t count my own.  There have been 462 comments of which 204 are mine.  There doesn’t seem to be a stat to find out how many different people or IPs are reading.

I didn’t set out with any particular goals in writing this thing, so I think I’ve achieved them.  The most popular posts seem to be the general interest polls and the stories.  I imagine both will continue.  The least popular seem to be the comic recaps which I think only Dave is reading. 🙂

In general this was to be a substitute for some toastmasters speeches, but it doesn’t quite work that way since every post is mostly a first draft.  A good speech is generally a third draft and I’d fiddle with it in my head for 1-2 weeks before trying to get anything out.  Since I try and get something up everyday I don’t noodle anything around.    So this is different.

I’ve started some ideas in the IAM posts and the philosophy posts.  I’ll get back to the philosophy eventually.  I’ll hit Film Noir again and I want to write about the short story “The Cambist and the Iron Duke”.

The post I wrote about the word hero has the germ of a speech in it, so I’ll try and return to it at some point.  And maybe a post about job hunting and another on outsourcing.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who is reading.  And thanks especially to those who have commented at some point.For those of you that haven’t the intro thread on the front page is still there.  I can’t tell whose is reading at all only how many hits I get.  I’ve had several people tell me they are reading who have never commented.  That is cool – not everyone likes to comment in a public forum.  But if you are reading let me know.

Not going anywhere.  Just wanted to touch base with where the blog is at.  Tomorrow there will be new polls , a weekly recap and maybe my comics recap.

No back to Super Mario!


2 thoughts on “Post 102 – Yay

  1. Linda H says:

    I just wanted to say that I love reading your blog, Todd. You have a lot of different streams going so there is something for everybody. Some academia that challenges me to think, lots of comic relief, some technical voodoo way beyond my skills. And yep, I am one that does not read your comic posts – just can’t get into it. Keep it up!

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