Essential Websites

OK – So here is my idea.  I’ll put a list of websites in this post.  I’ll start with just two.  If people have others they want to add, I’ll move them up out of the comments into the main post.

So the list is of excellent informative websites.  No social networking, no news.  I’m more interested in general interest than specific interest.  Sort of where to go after wikipedia.  But if you think it is the coolest, most essential website ever – put it into the comments.

  1. How Stuff Works – I started with the automotive section, then the physics, then the body.  But really it is an excellent site all round.  The website title tells you what you can expect. (Todd)
  2. Ted: ideas worth spreading – The site is video casts of talks on a variety of subjects.  The home page does a cloud of the most recent updates sizing by popularity.  You can manipulate the cloud with the buttons on the left.  I’ve never watched a talk i didn’t enjoy although I haven’t agreed with everything. (Todd)
  3. Slashdot – Where the IT geek/professional goes to keep up to date/play (Bruce)
  4. User Friendly – And then they head off to laugh. (Bruce)
  5. Lifehacker – Tips and tricks for making life better (lots of technology, but not exclusively) (Pete)

Please give feedback or this won’t work.


7 thoughts on “Essential Websites

  1. Dano says:

    Man, I was going to contribute but decided to check out Ted . . . went to bed 1 1/2 late. I like it.

  2. Bruce Shaw says:

    Sysadmin required reading every morning.

    User Friendly

  3. Peter says:

    A really good one is

  4. chris says:

    Alternatives to popular software:

    color schemes / color theory

    Relative Starship Dimensions

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