Weekly Recap

This was a busy week.  So we’ll start at the top.

The funeral and prayer service.  Most importantly, I’d like to say that even though they are finished and all the friends and family have returned home, they are still in my thoughts and prayers and sorrows.  To often it “goes without saying” that we love and care for our friends, but sometimes saying that is all you can do.

And without making light of anything, I’d like to point out some extraordinary things from those events.  Fr. Joseph seems pretty amazing to me.  I found his words at both the prayer service and funeral to be helpful, supportive and evocative.  I also think the format of both were excellent.

I’m also so incredibly proud to have the group of friends that I do.  It wasn’t anything in particular, but their actions over the past two weeks have really made me appreciate their overall awesomeness.  Many/all of them are sorely grieving themselves, but they showed tremendous class and strength.

I was also thrilled to see many people whom I haven’t seen in many, many years!  Unfortunately, I was only able to talk to a few of them.  Jason and Carmen, Claire, Dirty and Peg, Diane and Pat, Esther, Darcy (I only waved at Maureen), Des and Samantha, Stef’s kids, Crystal, Dave, Michelle and Rachel, Marla, Jen, Woodard, the PR crew – Linda, Gloria, Jason, Julie, Sherri, and Patti.  We almost all made some noise about seeing each other under happier circumstances more often, but I’m not really the sort of person to make that happen.  It would be very nice if it did though.

My family were also in town this week and I wrote about that already in another blog entry.

I finally got a Microsoft certification.  Yay me!  True it is a useless certification, but it is 1/4 of the way towards something more worthwhile.  And it likely isn’t completely useless as it shows that I am working towards my MSITCP.  That was the only real news on the job front.

Treek was down for the funeral.  It is always good to see him.  Also, he always way overpays for staying in the guest room.  I got a nice meal out f it and there is what looks like a new best buy gift card just laying on my table.

Tim provided a great blog of his travels in England.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think more picture of beer were needed though. (No really – I’m not being facetious – they were great beer pictures!)

Comics were super nifty this week.

I traveled to Jasper yesterday for 30 minutes.  The weather there was great!

Next week –

  • I have a job for a single day.
  • I have an interview and likely another if I get the resume I’ve been working on since Thursday done.
  • I have a birthday (which we’ll be quiet about).  This might be the year where I turn into a grown up.
  • I’ll hit 100 posts on the blog.  Weird.  I’ll do a 100th blog post to talk about it. 🙂

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