Comic Recap

Wow – my stats took a hit today.  Bizarre.  I don’t understand it really.

Awesome comic week!

Echo – I just reread all the earlier issues.  Narratively not much happens here.  No Dillon, no HenRi.  But this felt very much like an issue of SiP.  Double plus good.

Daredevil – I haven’t been a fan of this story arc or the Diggle run in general.  But the twist last issue was good and this was a nice issue.  Well depicted fight scenes and a finish to the mystery.  But it downplayed DDs ability to read a scene.  That seemed like is was a weak plot contrivance to set up the upcoming cross-over.

Uncanny X-men – Sigh.  An in between issue where everyone makes plans, but little happens.  I do like the Dodson art though.

Unwritten -Look at how lucky i am as so many of my favorite titles come out this week.   Last month was an iffy issue – more like Fables than Unwritten in feel.  This played out very nicely.

Prince of Power – Not quite as smart as most Hercules comics have been.  But it is still funny.

Ulimate Spidey -The sales on this seem to be dropping.  A shame.  I don’t think it has been this strong since the 50s.  Weird that the same person also wrote the complete garbage that was Ultimate Enemy last week.  Gah.

Hellboy Trade – I splurged this week.  One of the stories actually has Mignola art!  (I also reread Strange Places this week too.)  I think my favorite is the Blackbeard story, but the eponymous tale is really good too.  The mole was a bit of a stinker (sort of a hellboy: Weird Tales tale).

Best of the Week:  I think I like Spidey the best.  No good reason for that choice though.


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