1 Comic Book Recap

X-Force – Well, there was only one comic, but I really liked it. It had lots of flaws though:

  • Unidentified minor characters
  • Overuse of blurring effects
  • overly graphic violence
  • Invincible monsters dispatched quickly (although not without cost)

The art was quite good.  It pushed the limits of what you can do.  It used a wide screen realistic approach – each panel a snapshot of time.  But the storytelling was mostly clear.  I generally prefer more panels and a cartonier approach enabling showing more action-to-action shots and conveying motion better.  But It was quite effective.

The comics was split into two halves – big fight sequence (done silently), and aftermath/exposition/planning (done with lots of words).  I liked both bits.  In both the fight and the aftermath, characters were given effective spotlights.

The greatest strength is not this comics, but the overall series.  We’ve just finished act II of an obvious 3 act structure.  Each issue (other than maybe two issue in act I) has had a purpose – driven the plot forward and delivered some nice character moments.  As usual these days, the death and dismemberment toll is higher than I prefer.  I also am not a big fan of the villains, but this issue featured nimrod sentinels.  Flying robots as always cool!

The end character moment was nice.  (SPOILERS) Of course, this has to be 3rd time at minimum Cyclops has sent his son into the future with little hope of seeing him again (c.f. the initial baby arc in X-Factor and the end of the Messiah Complex).  And that is without thinking about it too hard…  Plus they can’t kill Wolverine!


3 thoughts on “1 Comic Book Recap

  1. David Silvestri says:

    I’ll post something later… but I will say this about Teen Titans… I was excited when Superboy and Kid Flash came back… but something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

    I’m not sure if the writer is purposely trying to have the characters act weird as part of the storyline… or if she’s just a really bad plotter/dialoguer.

    I can’t see me picking up that series for much longer… I have the characters I wanted back… but they need to be written decently…

    • Got Teen Titans in my review bag. Didn’t think the dialogue was so bad nor the plot. The plot seemed very Fabian Nicieza-esque – overly complicated – but hen I construct my own plots the same way. She’s also obviously working hard at setting up the baseline relationships in here. Getting some romantic triangles going and keeping some of the team conflict simmering.

      It isn’t really my thing either, but it wasn’t horribly done. The only thing that seemed really awkward is the dialogue between the two doctors. It seemed that tthat the endearments were there to distract from the voluminous techbabble exposition. Not really sure what their role is other than to annoy me. I think Static, Blue Beetle and Miss Martian would have been able to accomplish the same if written that way.

  2. Ah – too bad. That sucks.

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