Lost Recap – The End

So I don’t feel a sharp pain or a hollow feeling inside.  I think that means I liked it and it was satisfying.

I’ve spoken enough about the series this past week, so this is mostly just the finale.

The cast, crew and show runners go out of their way to provide an emotionally satisfying closure to the six seasons of Lost.  For everyone who was following Lost for the relationships, and that had to be part of the reason for everyone I think, each relationship was given a moment in the spot light.  Even ones that had been off centre stage for a long, long time.

The show also provided a final look at its core themes – love, faith, redemption, choice.  These were given grace notes.

The ending twist was well foreshadowed throughout the season and so didn’t feel like a cheat.  Most satisfying it solidified that ‘whatever happened happened’.  Every moment we hated or loved throughout the series was true.  One of my problems with the sixth season, other than pacing, was that it seemed like that might not be the case – so I was very happy to see the ending that was provided.  It was also explicitly spiritual. 🙂  I liked that as well.

It took a while, but we eventually found out that they also remained consistent with their own self-imposed time travel rules.  The geek in me likes that.

During my last recap I said that there were 6 big unanswered questions (and a million smaller ones).  I predicted that only answers to two would be forthcoming.  I was right.  Certainly the lack of some of those answers will be troubling to many people.  It might not be possible to provide them and remain consistent throughout.  Certainly anyone who wanted an explanation, whether scientific or magical of the nature of the island will be left wanting.  (I do find the spiritual explanation sufficient myself, but it does seem incomplete.)

My biggest disappointment is that in general their families didn’t matter.  Right?  The twist is that the most important people in their lives are in the flash sideways and they are finding each other again.  For Sun and Jin that is a promise of a baby together, but not the actual child.  Penny and Desmond’s child Charlie isn’t there at all and neither is Walt.  The same is true for Aaron.  Worst, Jack’s son turns out to be a figment.  David was cool!  It seems to be that although the relationships are uber-romantic that they don’t show the often deeper love that results in just a giving of oneself and in raising a family.

Additionally, Claire, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Ben, Desmond, Miles and Frank make it out alive.  They didn’t have an opportunity in their lives post Lost to have new profound relationships?  That may have been awkward storytelling.  But it seems to me that it is similar to those people whose lives peak in High School.  Just a little bit sad.

These thoughts come mostly with reflection.  The whow was awesome in the moment.  It had so many stand up and cheer moments!

Stuff I liked:

  • Look Rose, Bernard and Vincent.  Awesome!
  • Miles didn’t die in the first 5 minutes.  Nifty!
  • Lapidus lives and is incredible in the end.  He finally gets his moment.
  • The Juliet cameo was expected, but good.
  • The other cameos: Boone, Shannon, Charlotte, Daniel – I was cheering…
  • The memory triggers on each relationship felt right.
  • Desmond was awesome – as per usual.
  • There were a lot of echoed lines – easter eggs for the fans.  “See you in the next life, brother”
  • Hurley becomes the guardian.
  • The ending image was what was expected and worked very well.

Stuff I was unsure about:

  • The fight with the Smoke Monster comes down to a fist fight? (Jack’s injuries were very good though.)
  • Ben’s forgiveness by Locke and his decision to stay behind were nice.  But it seemed like he still got off easily.
  • Charles Widmore gets no closure.  Nuts.
  • No Eko.  Double nuts!

Bye Lost!


6 thoughts on “Lost Recap – The End

  1. Tim Dyck says:

    I don’t think Frank was at the funeral hall in the end, his only sideways cameo was at the beginning of the season. I assume this means he lived on to greater adventure.

    • Were all the folks in the flash sideways dead? Some, like David, were constructs. And the flash sideways was apparently outside time. Not being there might mean that the island wasn’t the central aspect in his life.

      Or maybe it was just mostly season 1 people.I didn’t see anyone there but season 1 people and their spouses and/or boyfriends and girlfriends. (I may hae missed Miles though.)

  2. Jason says:

    Probably the best series finale I have ever seen. I agree I think because of the nature of the show being a mystery, it seems disappointing that they don’t give answers to all those mysteries but the ending is perfect. It almost seemed to me that the original idea behind the flash sideways was never more than to satisfy the viewers/fans (what happens happens.. like you said)

    I especially like how the series ended how it starts.. with Jack in the bamboo field closing his eyes.

    I hope you watched Jimmy Kimmel after.

    A) I cannot believe Terry O’Quinn acted the entire fifth season not knowing he was the smoke monster. So awesome… of the writers

    B) The alertnate ending with Jeff Probst and Sayid had me pissing myself laughing.. all the other endings were crap 😦

    C) Loved watching the actors getting pissed off about getting sand in their shoes. They never say it officially but Terry emptied his shoes at least a couple times.
    Realling going to miss this show.. you could tell the actors didn’t want it to end too.

    • Eh, I wasn’t impressed with the Kimmel. The interview with Matthew Fox was OK, but after that it was mostly just jokes. I did like the Newhart ending more than the survivor one though.

      Yeah – I think that is funny. A similar story, in Casablanca half way through filming Bergman asked the director Curtiz which man she was actually in love with Rick or Laslo. The director couldn’t tell her as the ending hadn’t been written yet!

      I miss it too. I was lost for an hour last night. Ended up watching Glee.

  3. Pauly says:

    Not being there at the end (Lepidis sp?)didn’t mean he lived on or didn’t live on, it meant he didn’t really matter to anyone there… ouch…..

    I loved it by the way…. watched it three days late… avoiding this blog until then. 🙂

    • I think it is open enough that several interpretations are possible. He mattered to me, so my interpretation is that the island wasn’t the central element in his life so he wasn’t a part of the group that created that construct. Lapidus went on to much greater feats of aviation, bravery and charity!

      Some interpretations I’ve also heard –

        the waiting room aspect seems to map most closely onto the Buddhist concept of Bardos
        That the bench outside the church was purgatory
        That Jack didn’t die at the end on the island. Because his body was sent to the same place as the MIBs, he had actually become a ‘good’ smoke monster. And thus the flash forward happens much later.
        That the flash forward was Jack specific. Other characters would have experienced other different flash forward scenarios.

      Most of them seem to be hooey, but it is interesting to see the various interpretations. I’ve also read some completely erroneous ones from folks that seem to have missed the plot…

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