Week Five

One hour until Lost.  So I’d better get this update done and the polls updated.

I had a couple of interviews this week, so I think I have four good prospects outstanding AimCo, Servus, Atco and Fujitsu.  But no new leads for next week.  😦

In old work news, some additional people were walked off last week.  So the spectre of layoffs rears its head sooner than expected again at Service Alberta.

Most of my friends went out camping this weekend, so my blog stats dropped.  Nuts I say.  Hey, tell your friends that I am here.

I had two polls last week:

Crucial Question Five – Cosby wins.  There were write in votes for Dave Chapelle, Bob Newhart, Craig Ferguson and Robin Williams.

Crucial Question 6 – I guess I find a job in the next 5 weeks.  We’ve used scientific methods.  But someone voted for never.  That was cruel.  I should run a poll to find out who might be that cruel.

New Polls going up soon.

Posts for next week:

  • Monday – Philosophy – epistemology
  • Tuesday – Story from the Past
  • Wednesday – Politics? (Note this is Tim’s birthday!  I think he is older than me this year.)
  • Thursday – Comics Recap
  • Friday – Technology – likely IAM – likely object management
  • Saturday – Gaming Recap
  • Sunday – Faith? and weekly recap and new polls.

All topics tentative and may vary on my mood.  Additional short posts if I find something worth saying.


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