Lost – The Pilot

Hopefully this is quick.  ABC showed the Pilot episode last night.  In my opinion all the mysteries posed in that episode have been answered.   Neat eh?  To review…

What caused the plane to crash? Desmond neglected to hit the button and an electromagnetic disturbance resulted from the island which messed up the plane.  (An answer that really just leads to more questions, but an answer. As will be the case for most of the answers.)

What caused the trees to sway on the jungle and made an odd noise the first night? The smoke monster.  Now known to be an entity who wishes to leave/destroy the island and which was created during a fight between two brothers and exposure to the core power source of the island.

What ripped the pilot open and chased Jack, Kate and Charlie through the jungle? The smoke monster.

Why is there a polar bear on the island? The Dharma’s were conducting experiments and through a complicated series of events all their specimens eventually escaped.

Why is there an SoS repeating for a long long time?  Who left it? Well before the plane crashed, Desmond’s boat crashed, and before Desmond’s boat crashed, Rousseau’s team also crashed.  They were all wipped out by either the smoke monster or being ‘claimed’ by the smoke monster.  When Dharma folded, Rouseau used their transmission tower to send out the SOS.  Because of the weird electromagnetic properties of the island, it never gets heard.

Why does no one come to rescue them? It would have been a very short series.  🙂  c.f. weird electromagnetic properties of the island above.

Character Questions:

Why does Jack have vodka bottles? Jack has daddy issues and his father drank himself to death.  Note – almost all the characters will turn out to have major parental issues.  Jack’s are almost minor compared to some of the others!

Why does Charlie do heroin? The usual reasons a rock star does heroin.  His story is sort of a mix between the Oasis Gallagher brothers and Scott Whelan from S.T.P.

Is Sayid a terrorist as Sawyer accuses? Nope.  But he has done horrible things in the past.  (Really almos all of them have.)

Why is Sawyer such a douche? Every series needs a ‘bad boy’  He becomes more sympathetic in later episodes.  His main traits are being a survivor and having great hair despite an apparent lack of product…

Why was the Marshall escorting Kate back to the States? Kate is a wanted criminal.  She blew up her step-father’s house and has been on the lam ever since.

Is it just me or is there some weird history between the Korean couple? Yes, yes there is.  But it gets better and they both learn english during the series.

Michael, Walt, Locke, Hurley, Shannon, Boone, and Claire  all seem interesting too.  Is there a story there? It is an ensemble cast show.  They’ll all get  time in the spot light.  Don’t expect them all to live to the finale.  Although even most of the dead ones will likely at least have cameos in tonight’s finale.

Can I expect more gratuitous shots of them standing around on the beach or in the water half-clothed? Yep!

Most answers led to more questions.  And other major mysteries were only hinted at in the pilot: the numbers, Locke’s cure, the presence of Others on the island, etc.  Mysteries were still being posed in the 2nd last episode…


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