The Great 12′ Davis Prank

The results...

This is the story of the greatest prank my buds and I ever pulled.  (Rob, Dave and Treek were the other conspirators I think)

Now, y’all probably know I am a rule follower by nature.  Good or bad aside, I tend to follow rules.  (Mostly good I’d say.)  Oddly I even get tremendous satisfaction out of just reading rules.  No idea why and it isn’t really relevant to this tale.

The point is that I’m not a huge prankster.  But we really wanted to do something to commemorate the Grad of ’92.  Strangely, this isn’t even my grad year, but the year following mine.  We had a number of close friends in the ’92 class – Troy, Kevin, Linda, Gloria and Crystal.  (there were a number of other ’92 grads too – Stef and Bran for instance – but they weren’t really the focus of the prank.  It was the Glenmary grads of 1992).

Traditionally some joker in every grad class commemorated their grad by tagging the underside of one of the town bridges.  We/I felt that was tacky, ugly and dumb.  Our plan involved finally putting our home ec. knowledge to good use.

First came the planning – we were lousy planners.  Then the measuring.  Which was awkward.  Then we purchased the fabric and velcro.  Finally there was the assembly and some picture taking and all our prep work for the prank was done.

The idea?  To clothe 12′ Davis is giant red and gold boxer shorts!

For those of you who didn’t grow up in Peace River, 12′ Davis was the town mascot. He was a real fur trader from the area who became famous when he struck it rich on a small 12′ gold claim.  There was a 12′ statue (much higher because of the pedestal) in the centre of town.  It has an inscription that reads:

Facts of 12 Foot Davis’ Life:
(Pose) He Loved This Valley, (Gold Pan) He Found Gold on a 12′ Strip, (Broken Key) He never locked his door, Fountain (his generosity)”
12 foot Davis Statue

The statue at the time was located at the edge of the Heart River and 101 St.  They’ve moved it since.  It was immediately visible to anyone driving downtown.

The measurements were tricky.  We did a lot of hiding behind the statue as cars passed.  The man had a mammoth waist and thigh measurements!  We used a fabric design and math to scale the design up to our measurements.  We bought a big roll of bright red fabric and some gold glitter glue to write our friend’s names on the crotch.

Putting the boxers on went without a hitch.  It was a cold, rainy evening.  We were actually a little astonished that they fit.  No one was sure of the seamstress skills and we had spent a lot of time figuring out how they would be fastened using the velcro.  They were a little tight, but looked perfect!

We snapped some more pics and left them up to be discovered.  We no one ripped them down, we decided to leave them up all weekend.  I think we gifted them to Troy when we finally took them down.

It was just one of those great things we did as friends when we were teens.

We eventually had Troy’s wife paint it up based on one of the photos.  Dave still has the painting.

Here is a photo:  (Thanks Marla!)


22 thoughts on “The Great 12′ Davis Prank

  1. David Silvestri says:

    Clearly one of the greatest moments of my life… to that point 🙂

    Some things I remember differently.

    – it was you and me… seem to recall Robin not wanting to be involved
    – Kevin (somehow, as Kevin does 🙂 ) got involved… somehow he thought it would keep him out of the prank
    – Red and Gold because they were the Glenmary colors (no smurfs here)
    – cop car passed by while we were doing the measuring… still don’t know how they didn’t see the ladder
    – The Gold writing was very hard to see at any distance
    – The velcro idea was Kevin’s I thnk… we were stumped there for a long time.
    – Your mom thought this was a great idea… which shocked me

    Still have the pictures somewhere… definitely have the painting (totally awesome… thanks Todd (idea) and Eunice (actually painting it) ).

    This was a fantastic Grad idea… sometimes I wish we’d thought about it during our year… but this was completely unexpected… and everyone I talked to thought it was very cool.

    • Dave says:

      – it was you and me… seem to recall Robin not wanting to be involved
      – Kevin (somehow, as Kevin does 🙂 ) got involved… somehow he thought it would keep him out of the prank

      I think that is right! I knew there were three of us. Treek was in the loop, but I don’t actually remember him there. You seem to remember it pretty well!

      What I remember most is standing around the ping pong table with the scissors and 4 meters of fabric worrying about making the first cut.

      Dave says:

      Your mom thought this was a great idea… which shocked me

      Mom is cooler than y’all give her credit for. 🙂

      Whose idea was it? Wanting to do something might have been joint thinking, but where did the boxers idea come from?

      Sorry to call you while you were driving!

      Dave says:


      Best clothes I ever made. 🙂 If you have a picture anywhere, scan it and send it to me. Don’t work at finding it though.

  2. David Silvestri says:

    oh also…

    They moved the statue? Where to?

  3. Dano says:

    1) after years of hearing this tale . . . I want to see the painting and the photos. Todd says don’t look hard, I disagree search high and low than post them on this tread (if that is possible).

    2) Civil disobedience and Todd’s mom go together just fine in my head.

  4. Marla says:

    It’s at Riverfront Park now. I have pics of that somewhere too – why do I have pics of that?

  5. Marla says:

    I found the pic. I still have no idea why I have it. Anyway – you can have my copy Dave.

  6. Marla says:

    you can have it – I don’t know why I have it. I’ll pop it in the mail or drop it off next week when I’m in the city.

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