Lost – 2nd last recap ever

“What they died for.”

But darn it – the question I wanted answered even more was “Why they died?”  Nuts – I hope we get an answer to that one.

So I said yesterday that a lot of the success of the series might depend on how the final questions are answered.    Here are the big ones I think are outstanding  (SPOILERS will follow):

  1. Why died some candidates die?  Apparently Locke can’t directly kill a candidate.  So what makes someone stop being a candidate.  A little bit is misdirection here since it may or may not be solely at Jacob’s whim.  Why could Locke kill Richard?
  2. Why do some characters have special powers – seeing ghosts, hearing ghosts, surviving electromagnetic, Walt’s precognition, etc.  (I’m not sure this will get answered).
  3. What is the relationship between the flash sideways timeline and the island timeline.  (I’m confident that an answer here is forthcoming).
  4. What special powers does the island guardian have?  (Not sure this will be answered or if it is even important, but I’m curious).
  5. How can Desmond either prevent Locke from leaving and/or destroy the island?  (Note the last is a new question just this episode! This will get an answer for sure too.)
  6. What makes the island have powers?  Or based on the previous episode, what makes the light have powers?  What happens if the light is interfered with (smoke monsters apparently for one)?  What happens if it goes out.  The key question now.  Last episode might be all the answer we get on it.

I really want to find out 1 and 6, but I’m worried I’ll just have to settle for 3 and 5.

I do think that Season 6 has done a pretty great job about answering Lost mysteries overall.

Things I liked:

  1. Every Desmond scene.  Desmond rocks.  I also like that he has a plan.  I still think the largest weakness of the season is the flash sideways time line.
  2. Ana-Lucia and Rousseau cameos.  I think that hits all the tailies except Eko.  I hope they get him into the final episode!
  3. I liked that Ben went bad – again.  And his revenge was good.
  4. Miles is still alive.  Wow – really.  Betcha he buys it within 5 minutes on Sunday.

Things that bugged me:

  1. Well I thought that I’d get an answer to why folks died.  I mean, it is almost in the title.  Although I do have to admit they did answer the exact question posed by the title.
  2. My biggest Lost peeve – random deaths.  While not as random as some, it still just ended certain plots.  And at least one character was introduced this season and never did a single thing.
  3. Ben flip-flops again.  See I like it and I don’t.  I mean we’ve already done the Linus is evil plot and the Linus is manipulated by Locke into killing people plot.

Only the finale left.  10 pm until 12:30 am on Sunday.

For the full Lost experience – 8 – 10 – Lost recaps and 1 am – 2 – Lost on Jimmy Kimmel.  6 and a half hours might even be a bit much for me.  I mean, I  hope to have a job on Monday.


6 thoughts on “Lost – 2nd last recap ever

  1. Jason says:

    6 and a half hours might be too much?!?!.. what the heck are you talking about. I want more!!!.. or at least more questions answered. The thing that saddens me is that Lost doesn’t usually answer a question without a big 30 minute clip so how many answers could they give.

    I think this show is amazing.. with only 1 episode left in the season and we still have no idea what the other timeline is for. That means in total I have probably watched over 5 hours of clips from the flash sideways with no idea how it is even relative to the current story and I still love the show. Outstanding!

    One thing that really disappoints me is that they make such a big deal out of Jacob for being sudo god yet there really isn’t much to his character and/or how he died. He has all these powers yet he gets stabbed and dies… COME ON! 😦

    • Jason says:

      oh yeah.. and I don’t think Richard is dead

      • I thought Jacob’s death was earned. It did have a decent build up of a couple episodes. But I am wondering just how immortal is immortal too.

        The only powers Jacob seems to have shown are manipulating people to the island, being immortal and granting immortality.

        If Richard comes back that might say something about what the immortality actually does.

        The best parts about the Flash sideways bits have been the cameos from former minor cast members. Almost an in joke for those ho have been watching forever. Until Desmond started acting, there was no central plot. Otherwise the only point seems to be to show that their lives are either slightly better or still crap and they are all still connected somehow.

  2. Todd’s big list o’ Lost Deaths

    Names Alive or Dead How? Annoying or Earned or Meh
    Main Character in Season 6
    Ben Alive
    Claire Alive
    Desmond Alive
    Frank Dead Sub Hatch to the face Annoying
    Hurley Alive
    Ilana Dead Pulled an Artz Annoying
    Jack Alive
    Jin Dead Drowned Earned
    John Dead Killed by Ben (twice) Earned
    Juliet Dead Nuked (died from injuries) Meh
    Kate Alive
    Miles Alive
    Richard Dead Smoke Monster Annoying
    Sawyer Alive
    Sayid Dead Drowned Meh
    Sun Dead Drowned Earned
    Man in Black Alive
    Jacob Dead Stabbed by Ben Earned

    Former Main Character
    Anna-Lucia Dead Michael shoots her Annoying
    Boone Dead Plane Falls Meh
    Charlie Dead Drowned Earned
    Eko Dead Smoke Monster Annoying
    Libby Dead Shot by Michael Annoying
    Michael Dead Blown Up Earned
    Shannon Dead Shot by Anna Lucia Annoying
    Walt Alive
    Vincent ? I dunno – died in nuke?
    Charlotte Dead Killed by Time Travel Annoying
    Faraday Dead Shot by his mother Earned

    Oceanic 815Survivors
    Bernard and Rose ? I dunno – died in nuke?
    Cindy Dead Gone after beach bombing Annoying
    Emma and Zack Dead Gone after beach bombing Annoying
    Arzt Dead Bad dynamite Earned
    Nathan Dead Death by Other Meh
    Neil Dead Death of Other arrow Meh
    Nikki and Paulo Dead Buried Alive Earned
    The Pilot Dead Smoke Monster Earned
    The marshall Dead Plane Crash Earned
    Other Survivors ? Some we just stopped seeing Annoying

    Important Non-Island Folks
    Anthony Cooper Dead Choked by Sawyer Earned
    Christian Dead Dranks himself to death Earned
    Eloise Alive
    Widmore Dead Shot by Ben Earned
    Nadia Alive
    Penny Alive
    Tricia Tanaka Dead Blown Up Earned

    The kids
    Ji Yeon Kwon Alive
    Aaron Alive
    David Alive

    Key Others and Dharma
    Alex Dead Shot by Keamy Earned
    Dogen Dead Sayid Annoying
    Ethan Dead Shot by Charlie Earned
    Goodwin Dead Killed by Anna – Lucia Earned
    Lennon Dead Sayid Annoying
    Mikhail Dead Dies killing Charlie Earned
    Mr. Friendly Dead Shot by Sawyer Meh
    Goodspeed Dead Gassed by Ben Meh
    Roger Dead Gassed by Ben Earned
    Dr. Chang Dead Nuked Meh
    Radzinsky Dead Nuked Meh
    Misc Others in temple Dead Smoke Monster Earned
    Misc Others on beach Dead Bombed Annoying

    Other Key folk
    Rouseau Dead Shot Annoying
    Rosseau’s Peeps Dead Smoke Monster Earned
    Naomi Dead Stabbed by Locke Earned
    Keamy Dead Stabbed by Ben Earned
    Minkowski Dead Death by Time Travel Earned
    Zoe Dead Smoke Monster Annoying
    Seamus Dead Killed by Jack Annoying
    Ilana’s Team Dead Smoke Monster Annoying
    Mother Dead Smoke Monster (pre-smoke) Earned
    Dangers of island living (Red Shirts) Dead Shot, gassed, plane engine, Nuked

    So I’m all worked up about the smoke monster killing candidates, but it seems like only Eko fit that bill. Nuts. Means I probably won’t get an answer.

  3. Andi Silvestri says:

    whatever happened to the polar bear?


      Hmm – The Dharma Initiative were on the island to research its weird properties. As such they ran a lot of neat experiments.

      One of the experiments they had has something to do with examining the island’s effects on animals. The Polar Bears were originally kept in cages on Hydra Island. The cages were seen as recently as Two episodes ago.

      When Ben killed all the Dharmas their experiments ended. It isn’t clear how the animals got out of the cages. Maybe the Others freed them or maybe they escaped.

      Anyway, that is why they were running around the island when the plane crashed. There is another one that Charlotte found off the island – no exact explnation for that.

      And there were also Dharma sharks…

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