Week Four

Well – we see what happens when I get a job.  Posts go way, way down. (So does traffic – 9 visits only yesterday – although my core audience might have been tied up at weddings and barbecues.)

For those of you only following along here.  I had a great job.  Yay!  But it was only a week long.  Boo!

But during that week, I had an excellent interview and one, maybe two, more upcoming and there is a good chance that because they loved me so much during the one week they might invite me back.  I am lovable; it is due to my squishyness.  Squishyness is lovable.

Next week should bring an uptick to reviews – which no one seems to read.  And maybe more stories because those seem p0pular.

Plus I’ll find a permanent job!  I hope.


2 thoughts on “Week Four

  1. David Silvestri says:

    Wow… you must be VERY lovable… never noticed it though.

    I read the reviews… comic ones anyway.

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