More childhood adventures

This one goes way back.  Dave didn’t even have a name really in those days.  Just a consonant that we made to rhyme with ‘Giver!’  Nicknames were not a forte.

I wasn’t there for this, but it is a very short tale I like to call: Dave and Robin almost get in a fight.

So Robin – for those of you who don’t know him – is one of the most laid back people you’ll ever meet.  As a youngin’ he was less so then he is now, but still pretty casual.  He does have a hidden impish prankster quality – a family inheritance.  And a mild temper you can draw out if you say – poke him with a stick for 30 minutes.

Dave is more exciteable, but still, if you know him the idea of physical violence is pretty much anathema.

I have no idea what the ‘fight’ was about.  Likely something geeky like who the cutest member of G-Force (cf. Battle of the Planets) was.  And really it probably wasn’t a fight at all.  I’d say some really agressive leaning against a wall with potentially sudued hand gesticulation.

Ooh. Scary stuff.  Bad role models these too.  Really it is the lameless of the fight that makes the story.

Our 6th grade home run teacher, M. Laurin, comes by during the fight.

“If you’ve got the energy to fight,” he proclaims “you have the energy to fill sandbags.”

Now this wasn’t a detention or a school punishment.  The sandbags weren’t even on school property.  They were in M. Laurin’s garage.  Clever teacher that Laurin.  Its like students are just little work parties looking for an excuse to do his chores!

Rob and Dave didn’t really have a choice though.  Complaining to their folks would surely result in a worse punishment at home.  But now they were actually mad at each other.  Each blaming their peer for getting them into this mess.

Of course, they each grew into good strong men in time.  Albeit with bad backs – I wonder if they can blame that on M. Laurin.

If you need any sandbags filled though, just ping the blog – I can put you in touch with some experts.


8 thoughts on “More childhood adventures

  1. JP says:

    bwahaha . that’s great!

  2. David Silvestri says:

    umm… can’t help but notice “YOUR” blog has no stories about “YOU”.

    I think I will fix that later…maybe something involving backing up… and telephone poles, or buildings…. or something.

    M Laurin said “If you have the energy to be mad at each other, you have the energy to fill sandbags”. There wasn’t a fight… though there may have been, but I think by that point we were walking our separate ways.

    Very different back then. The sandbags were, or course, because the river was flooding in the spring. Laurin took us the gravel pit and handle us a shovel and a bunch of bags. Can’t remember how many we filled, but it sure seemed like a lot.

    Can’t imagine something like that happening today.

    Considering that we were “good kids” I often wonder what he did to the “bad kids”

    I will say, my imagination got the best of me for a little bit, and wondered if my body would ever be found under a well timed slide of gravel, all planned by evil M Laurin.


  3. Suellen says:

    ROTF! I love that.

  4. Matthew says:

    Just to let you know, I do actually read these blogs… gonna be interesting to when you finally fast forward your reel until you meet up with the rest of us mooks…

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