Lost Recap – Across the Sea

Well after writing all day, I’m not too enthused about writing tonight.  Sigh.

Lost once again breaks its momentum with an all flashback episode.  The episode itself was quite good I thought, but the season pacing seems very odd to me.  One of the keys to the early Lost effectiveness was how it interweaved the back story with the current time.

Did the episode then have the mojo to overcome what I feel is that central flaw?  Hmm – nope.  It is still spinning out as many questions as answers – in fact it made a joke to that effect in the teleplay.  There is still a big gap to explain how the end of this episode leads to the characters as we know them in the current time.

Ooh and no explosions.  Nuts.

Things I liked:

  • Allison Janney – I was ready for some fast walking and talking when she showed up.
  • They muddied Jacob up a bit and shined up the MIB.  In fact until his one crime in the episode the MIB acts very reasonably.  Jacob is petulant, jealous and violent.
  • Its magic.  I’ve told Tim all along there would not be any scientific or pseudo-science explanation for the island or the smoke monster.
  • I liked the performances.  The teenage MIB and MIB were both quite good I thought.

Other things  I wasn’t fond of:

  • Some of the echoes to current times seemed forced.  Summoning a ship and a wreck, appearing ghosts to only one person, mysterious others on the island, etc.
  • I don’t quite get it – (spoilers) – messing with the light can have bad consequences. check.  going into the light is worth than death. check.  But MIB seems to have died.  How?  The light shouldn’t have done it and MIB was supposed to be immune to Jacob.  How did the body get into the jungle?  If maybe the Smoke monster is the corrupted soul of the MIB shouldn’t the body have stayed in the cave?
  • How is someone made immortal?  What are the rules for immunity to death?
  • Introduction of magic wine.  Huh?

Anyone has a disenting opinion?

Next Episode: Why they died.  (Also note they are using the Door’s The End as the promo music for the finale also called The End.  I approve.)


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