Stop me if you’ve heard this story.

Too late!

I was following a car through the traffic circle on the way home today.  They had to clue and the whole circle shut down to give them space to figure it out.  It reminded me of my first true experience with a traffic circle.

I don’t mean to make fun of Dave.  This was as much me as him.

We didn’t have any traffic circles in Peace River growing up.  So the only experience we had was our written test for our learner’s permit when we were 14.  When 18 (and 17), Dave and I packed up and drove down together to move to university.  Dave was driving his little blue truck and all our possessions were loaded in the back.  (There wasn’t that much. 🙂 )

I was the navigator so it was my job to foresee problems.  Generally I got us lost, but this time I directed us into a traffic circle. There was still a circle at the junction of Belgravia and 113 Street at that time.

I’m not positive that Dave gave me a worried look or comment.  If he did I didn’t notice.

“We need to go 3/4 of the way around,” I said.

Moments later, I was grasping the dash for dear life and screaming, “Yield to the inside!  Yield to the inside!”  I’m sure my advice did not help in any way.

No accident, but there were screeching of tires, including our own and horn honks.

When we arrived at university 10 minutes later it was with a real sense of accomplishment.  We had arrived alive!


16 thoughts on “Stop me if you’ve heard this story.

  1. David Silvestri says:

    strangely… I’ve heard this… 😀

    a couple of things…

    – I think the traffic circle was actually north of where you say, the east bound exit heading towards Whyte ave. What is now the intersection of University Ave and 114th street… but I was only driving and relying on my navigator
    – There was definitely a worried look and comment. The “yield to the inside” came as a result… not enough time to avoid the need for screeching tires, but soon enough to prevent an accident.
    – to this day, i do not remember covering traffic circles other than in the driver’s ed course. interesting info that I likely said I’d never need. I’m sure the instructor mentioned something like “they’re only in europe”
    – it was a fun trip. This was the start of our “leaving home” journey… great memories
    – the coolest part of the trip was driving through a cloud in Jasper… visibility was like 2 feet.
    – though not as scary as the traffic circle, the idiot who passed us while we were driving through the cloud. He pulled in front of us, and a cop car drove by the other way not a second later… could have been a very ugly accident.

    If we’re telling stories though, I suggest the one where you were passed out in your dorm room… I know, I know… too many. How about the newspaper one?

  2. Suellen says:

    Todd passed out in his dorm room? Oh do tell.

    Did they have traffic lights in PR? Where I grew up, we celebrated when we got our first one. I was 16.

    The one of first times I came to Edmonton, was in the middle of February and we were in an accident on the traffic circle by 97th Street and I think it’s Yellowhead. I remember thinking ‘Oooo Boston Pizza,’ then a smack and twirl, then I could remember thinking is ‘cool – we’re sliding.’ And no Dave, Todd, Dan et al – I wasn’t driving.

    Traffic circles in my driver’s ed were covered with an awe that I believe are unwarranted. My instructor was keen on all things British, right down to mushy peas. He was a strange man with odd grooming habits. Think nose hair.

    • Vicious lies. They are all vicious lies.

      We had several lights including an odd five way intersection with funny timing. Remember PR is the big hub of the area. 🙂 We also had a Boston Pizza. The owner’s daughter went to school with us, but I’m not sure we ever got any free ‘zzas. Dave may have scored some hockey tickets through that connection though.

      • David Silvestri says:

        I most definitely have received a hockey ticket or two. My parents and the Georges are pretty good friends.

        I think we had 3 intersections with lights in PR… I wouldn’t call us advanced… but pretty good for northern alberta I guess.

        oh wait… we could tell the story of Todd going to Emergency because he fell on his face instead.

        • Dave? Say were you actually around for any of these alleged events? 🙂

          We could tell the “Dave filed sandbags because he got in a fight story” or the “Dave had a sore neck during his stag story.” And the most famous of all Dave stories… but we’ll keep the blog clean.

          I’m just kidding. Both the stories Dave refers to are pretty funny. I may tell them later on…

  3. Linda H says:

    I feel like a stalker reading your posts all the time and not commenting. This one plus comments gave me a roaring belly laugh so I figured it was about time to let you know I was a regular reader.

  4. Tim Dyck says:

    PR has taken out that old five way and replaced it with a traffic circle. They are catching up with the times.

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