Crucial Question Three


15 thoughts on “Crucial Question Three

  1. Dave Silvestri says:

    Snuffie for sure… only Big Bird can see him… so obviously Snuffie is a Ninja extraordinaire.

    And ninja’s always win…

    Unless there’s a space pirate… is one of those a space pirate?

  2. Beaker may have guest stared on Pigs in Space…

  3. Dano says:

    Snuffie – no way! Far too passive. He wouldn’t even walk 4 steps to prove his own existance for crying out loud, let alone fight. Nope snuffie gives up, moments after Eeyore. Which brings me to Eeyore – clearrly gives up without trying, “I’d probably lose anyway”. Both these two are just way too low energy.

    This leaves us with a three way battle between the high energy, Beaker, Finnagan, and Raggedy-Ann. Raggedy-Ann is first out. I mean c’mon as soon as she step in the cage with a puppy she is way too distracted to fight. Add to this that she is a mascott for the anti-vaccination movement and she is set-up for a rabies bite from Finnagan. No question, Reggedy-Ann is out.

    This leaves Finnagan and Beaker. If we do a head to head comparison the answer is clear.

    Energy Level
    Finnagan – high. But, in a happy pee the floor, licking puppy kind of way.
    Beaker – very high. Bouncing of the walls, too much caffine, want to kill Dr. Bunsen Honeydew kind of high.

    Combat Experience:
    Finnagan – none. There wasn’t even a Mr. Dress-up episode where they had to deal with Finnagan biting someone.
    Beaker – High, he frequently took his revenge on Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

    <Personal Toughness/Endurance
    Finnagan – low. Finnagan endured very few trying moments and has lead a rather benign life.
    Beaker – Beaker has been blown-up, electrocuted, lit on fire, eaten by monsters, and had limbs torn off . . . and he keeps coming back! Talk about tough.

    Finnagan – moderate, a tough costume from the Tickle Trunk. Intimidation can go a long way.
    Beaker – extremely high, a lab full of chemicals and machines that seem to have no other purpose than to impose unnecessary danger on the environment around them. Heck, it is quite likely that Beaker is carrying multiple death dealing apparati on his person completely by accident. Not to mention that he is in possesion of a teleportation device, a wish machine (of which he has used only one of three wishes), and multiple clones.

    Associates (from whom they have learned to be tough)
    Finnagan – very low. Okay, I love Casy as much as the next guy but let’s be honest the kid was a wimp.
    Beaker – extremely high. He was in a singing trio with the Swedish Chef and Animal. Animal. Need I say More!

    I think we have a pretty clear winner. Beaker takes the cage match hands down.

  4. Mythi says:

    Although I agree that Beaker may be manic enough to conquer a cage match, I’ve seen enough “Elephants Gone Rogue” documentaries to be fearful of Snuffy. When he snaps, he can own his opponents with his massive size.

  5. Robin Turcotte says:

    I agree with Dan. Just one exploding test tube and Snuffy would vanish faster then good weather in alberta 🙂

  6. I think Dan establishes a good case, but Snuffy seems to be winning.

    I think Eeyore needs some love though! Just when you think you have the upper hand, his tail comes off in your hand. Eeyore looks at you so dolefully that you simply hand it back and slink off out of the cage.

  7. Dano says:

    Snuffie is just winning from the, “He’s a mastadon/elephant,” perspective. No one is taking his personality into account. Let’s face it, Big Bird isn’t in the cage, that means that Snuffie isn’t there either. He must of just stepped out, or wandered off before everyone else showed up. I’ll hand it over to Snuffie as soon as he grows a spine.

  8. Suellen says:

    Excuse me but Beaker? BEAKER? This is the muppet who had no problem finishing an electrical current with his body. He’s not smart enough to win in a cage match.

    Raggedy-Ann all the way. Why? Well she has no bones or bit of plastic to break off. She’s stuff with cotton or poly blend so she doesn’t need no stinking vaccine. This also makes her immune to rabies. Her pin striped leggings are enough of distraction when coming at with a high kick you are hypnotized.

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