Crucial Question Four


6 thoughts on “Crucial Question Four

  1. Mythi says:

    I really like cheese. That is all.

    • And cheese seems to be taking an early lead based on your say so!

      Hey – has anyone ever heard of this umami taste before? It was new to me as I set up the poll. Back we I was young we could only taste four things. Kids today are so privileged!

  2. Suellen says:

    I have but then Craig loves talking about food almost as much as I like eating it. Soy beans roasted gently also have a great deal of umami.

  3. Dano says:

    I remember at a science center once they did a demonstration of another taste as well. Only about 60% of the population can taste it. It tastes horrible, makes me want to retch but other folks don’t taste it at all. Interestingly it is found in certain vegetables like brussel sprouts, broccoli, and all the traditional vegetables some folks find gross. So it turns out Mom was wrong, the kids aren’t fussy, the vegetables are actually vomitously disgusting. It had a name but I can’t remember it.

    Oh, and cheese is awesome.

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