Why I hate Winter, part 753 in an ongoing series

Yesterday the snow storm was neat.  I stayed in.  The coolest bits were that icicles formed right away and by afternoon their weight and the weak suns rays were literally making them explode.  Cracks went off slamming against my window right behind me.

The funniest was in the late afternoon.  While I was in the kitchen. Crack!  It sounded like it came from the fan vent over the stove.  I spent the rest of the evening checking, every once in a while, to see if a puddle of water formed on my stove.

But it isn’t all fun and games.  No.


I had an early appt. this morning.  I was just getting my braces checked out.  I’ve got spare time.

I arrived, already 4 minutes late, to find the parking lot covered in ice.  I found a spot to get out of my vehicle, but when I got to the ramp I saw that it was too slick and steep to manage.  No problem, they also have a side entrance.

I moved my car to the side.  It is on the west – not the north like the parking lot so there wasn’t really any ice left.  But the door was locked (it isn’t a public entrance).  I used my iPhone to call in and they happily came to the door.

40 minutes later I was on my way again.  I have new velcro straps!  I got into my vehicle and patted myself down for the keys.  My iPhone is missing.  I had spent the time inside looking at mail and job listings.  I remembered that when I got up to test the new straps, I left the phone on the bench beside me.

I’m 20′ from my phone, but I can’t go get it.  Grr.  The door is locked and I can’t get back in without calling.  I wait 3 minutes to see if anyone spots it and rushes out to return it to me.  No dice.

So because of the ice, I am phone-less until tomorrow afternoon.  I am waiting until then as the ice should have the chance to melt off the ramp allowing entry.  I am unfettered and worried.

I’m sure someone is going to call with a job in the next 24 hours.


4 thoughts on “Why I hate Winter, part 753 in an ongoing series

  1. Mythi says:

    That’s one way to increase your chances of a callback. 🙂

    I hope that you get your phone back, and I sympathize with your annoyance of icy entrances. I’m all for winter conditions, except for ice.

  2. Suellen says:

    Is there someone you know who could pick the phoen up for you?

  3. David Silvestri says:

    I had planned to come on here and give you a hard time for math… as it’s obviously been way more than 753 times.

    But man… that must have sucked yesterday dude.

    • Not really. Mostly I was worried about being late for my appt.

      The rest I exaggerate for dramatic emphasis.

      You are right though. I might have forgotten to carry a 1. It might have been part 21892!

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