Lost Recap

Really?  Wow.  I want to spend the day reviewing lost fan sites to see how others are reacting.  (But I won’t – at least not until the resumes are sent out.)

Two weeks ago there wasn’t a POV character.  They shared the focus among the main cast.  I thought since all the main cast had gotten a POV episode this season already that maybe that was the norm for the rest of the season.  Nope – Jack episode last night.

Really?  I mean sure Jack had important things happen to him last night.  But – gee – spoilers – stop reading here – other characters bought it!  The farm that is.

Things I liked:

  • The sub scenes were good.  Nice moments with the Kwon’s and Sayid.  Lapitas actually got to do something.
  • The resolve and implacability of Locke is pretty cool.  And the gloves are off.
  • This marks a big turning point.  Jack finally makes a decision and moves from being a passive character again.

Things I disliked:

  • Widdmore could have prevented thing by just not being a twit.  I dunno, that level of douchery goes beyond characterization to stupid for the sake of the plot.
  • Hasn’t Jack made this decision before in deciding to go back to the island or to trust to Farraday’s plan?  Seems to draw a bit away from the impact.
  • Couldn’t have been a Sayid episode?  I’m just saying his redemption is under pronounced compared to other plot and character elements.

The episodes left:

  1. Across the Sea
  2. Why they died
  3. The End (2 hour finale)

Still lots of questions to answer.  Lots.


2 thoughts on “Lost Recap

  1. Jason says:

    You know it is so strange. Lots of people complain when you get the predictable happy ending (like me) but now that they have decided to off some major characters I find myself upset as I wanted to see the predictable happy ending. I don’t know who has more issues.. me or Jack?

    • Lost has a bit of a problem with killing characters. Death, in a story, can be a crucial part of developing plot, mood or character. But Lost kills characters for many reasons that don’t satisfy me:

        the actor has another gig or needs a break
        to highlight that the island is dangerous
        to shock the audience

      Those reasons can be made important to the plot or characters, but Lost often simply forgets about its characters once killed. Maybe it shows them in a flash as an easter egg cameo or a ghost that Hugo sees.

      Lost even has a term for it. “The island is done with you.”

      I think that leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction.

      Now the deaths here might be a different type though. We’ll see how they are handled next time.

      My brother believes that everyone will die in the end. Then they can have a follow up series: Scions of Lost. Aaron, David, Walt, Kwon’s kid all come to the island to find out what happened to their folks.

      I’ll be happy as long as Eko, Hugo and Desmond make it through. Nuts! I’m already screwed!

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