Crucial Question One


2 thoughts on “Crucial Question One

  1. Some heroes need some love:

    Captain Marvel is neat because he is one of the only heroes that embodies the true spirit, confidence and hope of a child. Shazam!

    Captain Britain rocks because his abilities are based in part on his confidence and draw from a lineage that extends back to King Arthur.

    Captain Atom is cool because he served as the inspiration for Doctor Manhattan in the Watchmen. A vote for him is like a vote for giant naked blue people everywhere.

  2. Mythi says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I completely forgot about Captain Canuck. Sure, I can recall Alpha Flight and the twins Northstar and Aurora, but you’d think I can remember a character with such an alliterative name. Seriously, “Canuck”? C’mon!

    Captain Britain brings to mind the storyline with his sister and Kaptain Briton, and that’s just…ick. That was my only exposure to him.

    Captain America is definitely among the most iconic, and he does superhero-ing well.

    But I’ll go with Captain Marvel, because of the reasons you mentioned.

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