Never done this before


Your nemesis waits
It watches you, peering back
Mocking your flaws
Eyes flashing

Do not grasp its hand if offered
It will be cold
Cold and the nails long and sharp

Released you should rejoice
For now you will face adversity
Traditionally it wears a crown of deer
But to you it might appear as weakness

And gone disappeared
No longer in the mirror but
Out in the world
Achieving success as
Clouds gather

The winds rise
And time passes
It will return

Its face is lined, weathered
Its mouth is still cruel
Teeth bright
Bright and sharp

Snaps and curses
Saps your will
Freezes your marrow
Seconds slow

If?  Not courage
Warmth and inevitability

Who stares back now
Hating and trapped


4 thoughts on “Never done this before

  1. Mythi says:

    Finger snaps for you, Dadeo.

    • Suellen says:

      Did you write this? If so, it’s revealing…

      Hell, if you didn’t write and you chose it, that still says something.

  2. It isn’t that revealing. No deep messages.

    These are the impetuses:
    a) I used the word nemesis on facebook and it was stuck in my head.
    b) I read the poem Instructions immediately afterwards. I found it elegant and neat.

    c) I was reminded of Gaiman’s use of the Cluracan and his nemesis in Sandman.

    Most of the more disturbing elements are stolen either directly from Gaiman or feel like the sorts of things he’d have.

    So otherwise it is original.

  3. Suellen says:

    well so long as you steal from teh best, it’s okay!

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