Amusing anecdote

The guys thought this was amusing last night.  It had been late and we had been drinking though.

If y’all don’t know I’m a thinker – not a doer.  I have to mightily squash this urge at work, but tt leaks out at home.  I can put off anything.

So at the ed of February I get a notice that my handicap placard needs renewal.  I put it off for three reasons.  First I had just been to see the Dr. the week prior and I avoid my Dr.  Second, I wanted to devote myself to the job hunt.  To be able to say I’d put in a full days works searching everyday.  Third, I knew the vehicle registration would be coming in a couple weeks.  Note – those were really just excuses… skip ahead.

First week of April, I’ve got the vehicle registration form and a bunch of other errands to run.  I fill out the placard registration form.  In a closer examination it turns out that I don’t need to visit the Dr. at all.  Provided I have a permanent disability and it is a renewal, I only need my side of the form filled out.

Off to the registry.  Vehicle registry goes great.  Hitch – apparently when I first got the placard four years ago, the Dr. didn’t say I had a permanent disability.  I had one that could potentially get better with time.  So I need to get the form filled out after all.

I delay a week.  My reason this time is that I get a photo radar ticket in the mail the next day.  I pay it right away, but until they clear my file I can’t get any work done at the registry.  Time passes.

I should note I’m still using the Disabled stalls during this whole period.  I feel great guilt.

Tuesday, I drop the form off at the Docs.  Thursday they call and tell me it is ready.  Friday I stop by and pick it up.  My Dr. is way down by Century Park.  I almost ask if there is a nearby registry, but I don’t.

I drive all the way back to the west end – 25 minutes – maybe a bit more.  I go to the registry across from the Mayfield Inn.  The only disabled parking is right in front of Diva’s Exotic Ultra Lounge (where despite rumours to the contrary, I do not work).  Every time I go to the registry, a nice polite person holds to door to the peelers open for me.  I say “No thanks” and wave my placard and form by way of explanation.  “Registry bound.”

Hitch – the Dr. missed a section on the form.  The section describing the impacts of my disability.  The form is not valid in an incomplete state.  I think of the 25 minute drive back to the Dr.  Grr.  I stand leaning on my walker trying to convey by my stance, “Maybe it causes me some mobility issues?”  No dice.

But, the registry lady is very helpful.  They’d be happy to fax the form to my Dr. If I’d like to wait – the Doc can fill out the form and send it back and we can finish it up.  It is not like I have a job so that sounds fine to me.

Quick phone call later – My Dr. has gone home for the day.  I’m starting to believe that she has it out for me.  Someone’s ass might need kicking – But not the Docs.  She is actually very nice and she is taller then me.

Nice registry person provides two options.  I can take the form to my Dr., get the section filled out, bring it back, and get my placard.  Nuts – last time that process took my a week and a half.  OR, or they can keep the form, fax it to the Dr. on Monday, get it back and call me to come in.

It is a tough decision.  I leave the form and head home.  On the way back to my car, a polite stranger open the door to the peelers for me.  More tempting this time – but I’ve got a blog to manage so I come straight home.

The sage will continue on Monday.  Hopefully there will be an anti-climax.


5 thoughts on “Amusing anecdote

  1. Robin Turcotte says:

    Knowing your luck over this the doc will probably call you and insist on you having a full physical before he’ll sign that last form. 🙂

  2. Suellen says:

    So what happened? Or did you get distracted by the purchase of a single (!) book?

  3. And done. No contact on Monday. On Tuesday Jeni called from the registry to say she was trying, but couldn’t reach the Dr.

    Today, Jeni called and said it was ready. I picked it up! See anti-climax.

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