The Rules

1) In this blog I express my opinions.  It is likely some of them will be different than your own.  Sorry.  The most belligerent, controversial posts will have a ‘Speechifying’ category.  Ignore those if you just want to read my opinions related to popular culture and art.

2) Debate is welcome.  But I’ve got some conditions

  • No cussing (unless it is funny)
  • No defamation
  • No calling someone WRONG unless they are wrong on a matter of fact.  And then do it politely.

3) I’ve got the final say on whether you’ve broken a rule or not.  The consequence may include: a public/private scolding, thrashing with a wet noodle, deletion of post and possibly banning.

4) There is a Introduction thread.  If you are reading, let me know you are there in the thread.

5) I’m here to have fun.  I hope you are too.  Try and forget that there are rules.