Say who you are.  Let me know why you are reading.  Say something nice about someone. Maybe even me.

Don’t criticize my sentence fragments.

I’m Todd.  I’m reading because it is my blog although I find the opinions overrated and the posts sporadic.  This could be counted as my third attempt at a blog.  Normally they last about two weeks.

But in other areas I think I am pretty nifty.


27 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. My name is Brandon Schatz. I’m Todd’s comic book dealer, and I could be yours too if you go to Wizard’s Comics in Edmonton. And you should.

    I’m here because I like reading other people’s opinions on stuff, plus Todd is a top notch guy – and he should totally continue with this blog so I can be less bored with stuff.

    • ttgdyck says:

      You’ll still be bored. Sorry.

      Wizards is a good store. What impressed me most were the following:
      1) They learned mine a Dave’s names after about two visits. I’ve had pull lists at four different stores in my lifetime. Generally I was known by number instead of name.

      2) They will take time to talk to you.

      3) They are great with suggestions, but not pushy. Knowledgeable when asked a question and about their stock.

      4) Always willing to satisfy unreasonable requests like, “Ooh, I wanted the latest First Wave, but it wasn’t on my file and the shelf copies are already sold out…”, I says. “Here have this copy out of my file,” Brandon replies.

      Brandon’s blog isn’t bad either. And I haven’t even commented there. I feel guilt.

  2. David Silvestri says:

    My name is Dave Silvestri. I’m a friend of Todd’s. I follow his blog for about 2 weeks and then usually I stop for some reason. 😉

    I’ve known Todd for 33 years, and he usually has good stuff to say.

    And most important, he’s a great guy.

    And even though this is Todd’s blog, I’ll give props to Brandon and Wizard’s comics.

  3. David Silvestri says:

    btw… if it’s your 3rd attempt, why is it “Selfish Man’s Conscience 2.0”? Was there a beta release?

  4. Suellen says:

    Hi, I’m Suellen Hoffman and I am another friend of Todd’s. I met him at work many years ago and he’s an aboslute treasure if you don’t mind a lot of hair. I am feckless so the chance of me actually continuing to follow the blog is slim. I will try though, honest.

    I never knew about the other attempts so they won’t exist in my mind. So there!

    Brandon is also the Comic Book guy for my brother Michael. He says he’s a good guy though I’ve never met him. In fact, I think the only time I’ve ever been to Wizard’s is to buy him a birthday gift that wasn’t socks or a sucky T-shirt.

  5. Mythi says:

    (Hi Todd! What sentence fragments?)

    This is Mythi, former coworker and current friend of Todd. He was there throughout my entire duration at the Government of Alberta. Now I think I work in the same building as his brother (or so I’m told), but I haven’t seen him yet.

    I read blogs (and comic books to a lesser extent). I have a WordPress blog, too, so I know where I can dig up the RSS feed for Todd’s blog for easier notification of updates. (Ha, I just tried it! Consider yourself added, Todd!) But if this blog is anything like his Facebook posts, there’ll be regular updates anyway. It may not be, though, as I’m familiar with blog reboots myself–I can’t maintain a journal to save my life.

    Happy blogging!

  6. Daniel says:


    My name is Daniel. Some of you know me as Dan, Dano, Danny, Vladimir, Vladdy, Vlad, Gabriel, Gabe, Robinhood, Son of Sam, The King of France, Big D, Bumlooker, Boethius, R. J. Daniels, and The Wood Doctor.

    I met Todd in a foxhole in Cambodia. We were pinned down and Charlie was hitting us hard. After keeping our heads down for 76 hours and 200 decimal places we were starting to get bored of calculating pi. So, using techniques, that if we told you we would have to kill you, we fashioned an explosive incendiary device. Using our socks and a spoon as a makeshift atlatl we launched our last hope and managed to dislodge the VC from their pillbox. The three of us charged (Ed didn’t make it) and took out the entire platoon. It was a glorious victory.

    From that day on we were inseparable. I was best man when he married Annitta and Relliba (in his defense, no one told him that snake ceremony was a wedding, nor that amoung the Abbu Canzi two women could choose the same husband). He was best man when I married Annitta. He was best man when I married Relliba. And, I was best man when he married Annitta again. I think we both finally learned our lesson.

    Five years later we won twin gold medals in the Luge at the ’76 Olympics and Paralympics at Innsbruk (we are the only champions to ever compete in both the Olympics and Paralympics in the same year). It was after our victory party, as we drunkenly stumbled across a field full of burs looking for a quick way to make popcorn that we invented Velcro and microwave ovens.

    Soon after we formed our band, The Quantums. Our debut album went double platinum with our unique mix of Thrasher Metal, Hindi Rap, and Opera. I would leave the band to study tantric yoga. It was in these years that Todd directed not one but two best picture nominees. I still regret not being there . . . sorry again man.

    We were reunited by a mutual lust to discover the genetic links between the Yeti and the Sasquatch. Not only did we conclusively prove the existance of both these creatures, but we were able to construct a complete evolutionary tree showing their common origin. Of course, that research has been suppressed by the para-military arm of Revenue Canada.

    However, all this running about the Himalayas and Canadian Rockies gave us a taste of the explorer’s life. Our next pursuit was to delve deep into the Amazon rainforest. Here we discovered 3 spiecies of venomous rabbits, a primitive tribe of canibals, and the cure for Auto-Immune Syphallatitis B.

    For the next few years we were engaged in academic work, translating the Bible from the originals into obscure languages. It should be noted that we were not deemed worthy to be given the precious ancient manuscripts to work from. Fortunately, Todd has the entire Old Testament memorized in Hebrew, and I the New Testament and Deuterocanonicals in Greek. Thanks to our efforts the Bible is now available in: Dene, Tagalog, Inuit, and Swahili.

    Our contracts with Wal-Mart prevent me from detailing the next few year of our friendship. However, I can assuredly put a stop to the rumour that we were spending our time developing a methodology to clone Elvis. For by this time we had moved Elvis to Moose Jaw, where folks generally leave him alone.

    Our interest in board and video games began just after our term as Wal-Mart assasins. You will recognise some of our creations: Risk, and Pong the most prominent among them. Of course we also contributed to the Zork series and The Settlers of Catan.

    This marks the point where we went our separate ways. Todd to continue in the computer and electronics field where he would take on an apprentice by the name of Gates. I, meanwhile have been spending my time in the pursuit of philosophy and woodworking. The only time we get together these days is our weekly, Friday night trips to Vegas were we teach Salsa dance at one of our seven jointly owned casinos.

    • ttgdyck says:

      Durn it. And the high water mark for this thing is hit on day 2.

      And the bit about Velcro was exagerated. We invented two soft pieces that caressed, but didn’t adhere. We might have made it farther except for Dano’s phobia of velvet. Some other lucky inventor/tag along collected our cast offs in the bur patch and patented Velcro.

      The rest is not 100% inaccurate.

    • David Silvestri says:

      Get that man a Straight Jacket… Now.

  7. Dano says:

    I repeat once again: I am NOT AFRAID of velvet. I just can’t stand to touch it. Someone who doesn’t like Scotch isn’t afraid of Scotch, they just don’t like the taste.

  8. Andi Silvestri says:

    I am Andrea. I am married to David Silvestri. I have known Todd for about 16 years. He and Dave are a package deal…can’t have one without the other but that is ok ’cause Todd is pretty nifty. His DVD loan program is top notch! Longer loan times than the library and no late fees!!!
    I cannot comment on Brandon who I have never met or the Wizards store as I have never been there, but I see receipts from there every week so I know where my husband has been!

    • Don’t count on the receipts Andi. John and Brandon are pretty cool – they’d doctor up some receipts for us if we asked… Dave is shifty. Go straight to the bank statements.

      • David Silvestri says:

        Hey hey hey… ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        nice try though… joint bank account! she can see what I spend at Wizards… Did have to explain when I used to pick up your largish weeks though…

  9. Robin Turcotte says:

    Hi my name is Robin. I’d say that I’ve known Todd for about 30 years, but really when do you really know a person, for instance we meet about once a week and I didn’t find out about him losing his job for a week and half. 🙂 on top of it all I never knew that Todd and Dan had that much history between them. So really how well can you know a person.;)

    That said he is one hell of a man. Could not have asked for a better friend over the years.

  10. I’m a poor communicator. I promise to tell you stuff from now on.

    Hi Rob-bob. I wonder how many other folks I haven’t told about this blog thingy?

    • David Silvestri says:

      I thought the new nickname was “Big Turc”?

      • Robin Turcotte says:

        I’ve only had two nicknames that stuck in my life(Rob and Robbob). Not sure why other then I once grabbed a good friend by the throat and slammed him into the lockers for calling me by a nick name I didn’t care for at the time. 😉

        I’m not really against that nickname but really does it really suit me?

  11. I can’t afford to replace the lockers around the blog. So lets all not anger the Robin.

    Big Turks are disgusting. Chocolate around a weird gummy centre. I don’t think they are much like you at all.

    But there is the other camp that thinks they are sweet and satisfying – which is more like you. Not the manliest metaphor though – fortunately the BIG and the hard vowels help to butch it up.

    • David Silvestri says:

      Don’t know that I would consider Rob a nickname… that would be like saying that Dave is my nickname… it’s just a shortening of my name. Likewise, Dan isn’t Daniel Garon’s nickname, Dano is though.

      Robbob is a perfectly good nickname… I was just razin’ you 😀

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  13. Marilyn & Dave Bourassa (Mrs. Kelly's daughter) says:

    todd…i have tried twice to leave comments and after writing them, they are not there. what am i doing wrong?

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