Say who you are.  Let me know why you are reading.  Say something nice about someone. Maybe even me.

Don’t criticize my sentence fragments.

I’m Todd.  I’m reading because it is my blog although I find the opinions overrated and the posts sporadic.  This could be counted as my third attempt at a blog.  Normally they last about two weeks.

But in other areas I think I am pretty nifty.


Thinking off and praying for close friends in need:

Our Father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil.

Pour down your blessing O Lord to our parents, benefactors, friends and enemies.
Help the poor and sick and those in their last agonies.
Convert all heretics and unbelievers.
O God of mercy, show goodness and mercy to the souls of the faithful in purgatory.
Put an end to all suffering.
And grant all those for whom we are particularly bound to pray, external life, rest and happiness.

Weekly Recap

I’m in a delightful mood this morning.

It was a quiet week last week. Work in crazy so I appreciate the quiet.

I spent my Canada Day in the park. It was gorgeous. I explored to the end of the trail and read a book.

Actually I’ve read a lot of books lately. Rob recommended a new series two weeks ago. I’ve finished it now. But I can’t recommend it myself. The protagonist and author make me mad quite often.

But I read 7 books in less than two weeks.

I got the guys to move some furniture around on Friday. There are still boxes to unpack, but every room is useable now. My next goal is to find my comics and DVDs.

The big action this week was the release of D&D 5th edition. I read it. I like it. I think. I’m jealous because one of my friends had a chance to play with his kids already. That would be a cool weekend.

That is my week that was. More work ahead.

Take care all.

RPG and gaming Week

Tired. The heat drains you. I love it, but mornings are rough.

My week is about new games. The new version of D&D should be out right now. I’m off to download it.

Later this week the new Star Wars game should come out. I’ll get that Saturday.

I’ve also been reading about new board games. Not too much exciting, but there are one or two that look interesting. A Firefly game would work for the group.

That is my week to be. My week past was reading a new book series. I blame Rob. Plus I don’t even really like it. :) Still I’m six books in now.

Talk to you soon. Take care.

Weekly Recap

Work. Last week was about work.

I had four goals last week.

Catch up on my email.
Determine our short and medium term goals and assign/delegate the work.
Start the work on our new project.
Deal with immediate issues.

The week before we kicked off our biggest project for the year. I spent two full days in workshops and a day off sick. I fell behind on the day to day. My email ballooned. I always find that stressful.

Monday and Tuesday were problems. I moved the down markers on goals 1 and 4, but I did nothing on the big project and my email fell further behind.

By Wednesday I was grumpy. When it progressed like Tuesday, the only thing keeping me going was comics and visiting my brother as a reward at the end of the day.

Meeting were the biggest issue. Too many meetings to move work ahead.

Thursday I started off grumpy. I warned my staff to keep their distance. I got in one fight. But I finally made progress. Every goal except email was good. Even email made progress.

Friday I accomplished it all. Everything is back under control. At least until I get into work.

Weekly Recap

I spent the week nesting into my new place. I’m now out of new books, new comics, and new tv. The comics were an accomplishment – I’ve been trying to catch up since my brother started walkabout.

But more interesting things happened elsewhere.

My good friends had a new baby girl. Yay! My thoughts and prayers are with the family daily. But I still owe them a phone call.

Back home my plumbing exploded last week in my old unit. Last weekend the kitchen sink wasn’t draining. A plumber snaked the pipes and things improved. But by Friday the issue had resumed. The plumber came again, but while he was working everything backed up. Black sludge flooded the kitchen. 4 hours of plumbing followed. It seems the block was grease somewhere in the common area. There is still cleanup happening. Apparently the kitchen reeks.

I’m fortunate I moved.

That was my week. Oh! I had a birthday too. They sang happy birthday at mass (coincidence).

Take care. Stay good.

Weekly Blathering

Apparently I’ve been stressed. I knew I was worrying about my vacation and my move and my wheelchair. I got my wheelchair back on Wednesday. On Thursday suddenly I felt great!

My first week in the new place went well. It is a bit harder to manage independently, but the aides here are astounding. Once everything is setup I should be grand.

I had setup help on Monday from the Corrigans. At the end I had access to every room except the spare bedroom and washroom.

Mom puttered around all week. She brought over odds and ends from the old place and continues to empty out my new place.

On Friday the guys hooked up my tv, assembled my last shelves and unpacked a few boxes. I have access to all rooms now. Yay!

Then came a great weekend. I trundled down Whyte on Saturday. I picked up my comics. I ate at a restaurant. I watched the people.

A giant pony sized bull mastiff sat on the sidewalk at the restaurant and watched me eat. He was adorable. Passersby would pat him on the head. Children would get very excited. He was placid and friendly.

At least until a walker brought their husky by. Then he barked and lunged to the end of his tether. The earth shook. I’m not sure if he was attacking, playing or protecting. The husky was game, but I think the mastiff would have just eaten him.

As sat eating, watching the dog and reading my comics. The adorably cute waitress asked if I’d seen Day of Future Past. Then there were follow up question about the original comics, the movie’s fidelity to its source and where she could get a copy.

Being a geek is far different than it was in the 80s.

Sunday I went exploring down into Millcreek Ravine Park. I drove down the walking/cycling path until I reached Connor’s Road. Then I came back up until I found a nice place to sit in the sun and read. It is a great park to have in my backyard.

I even ran into friends I hadn’t seen in three years. We had a nice little chat. It was very cool.

That was my week. Now it is a new week.

Take care and have fun.

Thinking of friends

It has been such a busy month. I’m completely wrapped up in myself.

But I have friends with their own sicknesses and tragedies. I’m thinking of them. I’m praying for them.

I have friends with their own successes and achievements. New homes, exciting trips, challenging adventures and milestones reached. They remain in my thoughts and prayers too.

I end most posts with a “take care”. Please do so. So many people do so much for me and I provide so little in return. Take care. May God be with you.